2014 Phoenix Data Conference

We would like to thank our speakers, sponsors, all the attendees and the volunteers for making the first Phoenix Data Conference a huge success. The intent of the conference was to encourage local community to come together and learn from other practitioners and experts in this field. We strongly believe that an active  community and exposure to new ideas is key to help improve the local talent base and improve opportunities for every one. We really hope an educated and well informed talent pool will help bring more interesting companies and work to the greater Phoenix area.

PhxDataConference 2014
None of this would have been possible without the speakers’ time and effort to share their knowledge with us. It was a pleasure to host all of you. We had a good mix of sessions that included techniques to solve problems using different products, lessons learnt based sessions, deep dive into certain technology, and also a showcase of how companies are implementing their big data strategy.

A Big Thank You also to all the attendees, all the discussions and questions made for a very engaging day. You made the event a great success!!

Lastly, We got quite a few questions around future events, hands on workshops. In addition to the regular monthly meetups, and the Phoenix Data Conference – we also hosted an all day hands on session on Hadoop. Based on the interest and the feedback we received, we will be hosting more workshops in the future to provide hands on training for Hadoop.

If you have any additional feedback, suggestions for future events or any questions please do drop us a line at contact@phxdataconference.com. Your input is very valuable to help us organize such events – please keep it coming!

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The Phoenix Data Conference Team

What is Data Munging and Data Wrangling

Speaker of the day: Jay Etchings, HPC Solutions Architect

Well known industry professional with 20 years of progressively versatile, cross-platform experience in management of open systems architecture. Well versed in all phases of cutting edge analytics and research computing. With a bulk of his technical consulting career spent in casino gaming and connected lotteries player data analysis has been a longtime passion. A former medical student and EMT in the Las Vegas market grants unique insight to both sides of the healthcare coin. This experience compiled with a stint as a recovery audit contractor for the centers for Medicaid/ Medicare (CMS-RAC) have positioned Mr. Etchings in near perfect alignment with the new healthcare field that is currently emerging.

 His current consultation role is with high level research institutions and major universities leveraging next generation technologies and non-obvious relationship analysis to facilitate improved determination, diagnosis and treatment for disease; specifically cancer.

Big Data as the Accelerant to Innovative Research Medicine

Jay will present some engaging material from his unreleased book. Big Data problems have been a topic for discussion for some time now. Unfortunately an accurate estimation of the impact the medical / research community will bring into the conversation are staggering. One quick look at the National Institute for Health (NIH) or the National Science Foundation (NSF) will reveal millions of dollars in grant funds to untangle this mystery. This book discusses the problem, data sources, and potential mitigations. The book also prepares the reader for educated discussions around the deluge of healthcare data and management of that data. Just as Oozie, Avro, and Hadoop were strange words only a short time ago, now we arm you with knowledge of Data Munging, Data Wrangling, and Nowcasting as well as many more.

Its far better to know the answers before the questions arrive at your desk.

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