Announcing Insight

Clairvoyant is proud to announce our new offering, Insight a managed service that meets all your big data needs.

Why are we launching this offering?

Over the course of the last three years, our work with various organizations and teams has showed us that there is no shortage of interesting problems; problems that can be solved by leveraging the data assets these organizations already have. There is a growing and widespread awareness of how all businesses are in some fashion or the other “DIGITAL BUSINESSES”. Data, lots of it, decisions and strategies powered by this data is the cornerstone of this transformation businesses are aiming for.

Why is it then, that we still are not seeing so many successful applications that are truly data driven? What is hampering the true application of the data driven process at scale? From a technology perspective it all boils down to one thing – Infrastructure.

Infrastructure needs to be considered on multiple levels

  • Servers, Networks, Security
  • Platform Infrastructure
  • Application Infrastructure

Figuring out the right set of infrastructure components across all these layers is a complex, non trivial task. We find teams asking and facing the similar questions centered around picking the right tooling wishing the Hadoop ecosystem to map to their use cases. Putting together the planning, skillset and experience required to do this with a quick turnaround is difficult and results in prolonged infrastructure projects.

While large enterprises typically have the financial means to account for these delays – most organizations do not have the luxury, and time to market is key. “Insight” solves this problem for you.

Our experience, lessons learnt combined with the best of breed open source solutions helps address the decision fatigue involved in Big Data projects. We bring solutions and architectural blue prints that map to your problems and use cases to the table. Solutions that have been proven to work, solutions that reduce your time to market drastically. Our goal is to onboard your use case and make your data usable/query in a matter of days.

Why should you consider it?

Speed, Agility, time to market. Not having to spend endless cycles figuring out the landscape and building your first solution. In the cloud or on premise – we bring best practices, security and proven solutions together to accelerate your path to implementing data driven applications.

How do you get started?

Reach out to us: insight.sales and we will schedule initial calls to help walk you through our approach, solution options, and come up with specific configuration that best suits your needs.