STEM Women

Celebrating STEM Women on Women Equality Day

Clairvoyant is a leading technology consulting & services company with presence in North America and Asia. We help organizations build innovative products and platforms using data, analytics and the cloud. It is critical to our success that we have a diverse workforce. Today, we celebrate the women at Clairvoyant for their exceptionalcontribution to our growth and culture that has helped shape our values.

We really feel proud to share testimonials from some of us, of how we stand out as responsible and independent women in STEM at Clairvoyant.

“ I give my best everyday to stand out as a competent, happy professional who is passionate about her work.” ­‐Cora

Team Phoenix
Team Phoenix

“ The first thing I noticed after joining the company is being surrounded by smart people. It’s a rare opportunity you get and I feel lucky to be part of this group.” ­‐Shilpa

“ There are so many high performing, passionate women around me at Clairvoyant, that walking the additional 5 or 10 or 50 miles to deliver what was promised is just me trying to keep up to the quality of work ethic.” ‐Nithya

“Clairvoyant provides me that positive environment for doing my job with all the dedication and to learn new technologies. I stand very happily at clairvoyant as a woman.” ­‐Unnati

Team Pune
Team Pune

“It gives me immense satisfaction to work with critical thinkers as a highly motivated and confident trailblazer.” ‐Amita

“Girl power is further strengthened when we surround ourselves with encouraging colleagues and efficient leadership” ‐Shradha

“At Clairvoyant, I am able to explore my strengths and make my grounds stronger.” ­‐Isha

We at Clairvoyant have always cherished the passion and hard work of our team and it is a platform for our growth. We are proud of what we do because we own it and work together to make things happen. We are a family and we strive to make a difference everyday.