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While we usually talk about technology here, today we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the employees at Clairvoyant who participated in a team charity event at FMSC on Tuesday. This is one of the posts that will give a small glimpse into our culture and team spirit we strive for at Clairvoyant.

Our team of volunteers gave an hour of their time to help pack food for the most needy kids in the world. A small Clairvoyant team of 15 members, along with few other volunteers helped pack one meal for nearly 11,000 kids at FMSC. It is a sad fact that nearly 6200 kids die of starvation everday worldwide. While this used to be a much higher number till not too long ago, efforts by various organizations have reduced this number significantly. We are just glad to contribute in our own way.


While we know we have a great team at Clairvoyant, it is amazing to see how much they care about giving back to the community. We reserved 15 volunteer slots at FMSC and in one day we pretty much filled all spots. We feel very fortunate to have such a great team that is willing to take some time from their busy lives to support a great cause.

Our days are all packed and busy, whether it is building awesome software, working on constantly improving our skill sets and more importantly balancing time with family. But taking some time out of our packed schedules and using that to improve the world we live in is a great feeling. At Clairvoyant we are doing our best to help our employees adopt a better (healthier) life style, better care for them and their families and making it truly a great place to work and learn. It is great to see our employees are happy to think beyond just themselves, and give a hand to make this world a better place.

Earlier this year – we conducted a weight loss competition internally to promote a healthier lifestyle – you can see some great tips from the winner here. On similar lines we requested all of our employees to skip their sodas this month donate that money towards charity. To show their appreciation, our management matched whatever donations employees contributed towards this cause. We were hoping to collect a few hundred dollars, but, just like they do in their professional life, our employees exceeded all of our expectations and collected nearly $1000 in less than a month. Overall, Clairvoyant as an organization donated enough money to provide for nearly 10,000 nutritious meals as part of this drive. We are very proud of #teamclairvoyant. Go Team!!


As an organization we are very committed to giving back to our community. If you have ideas or would like to request our volunteers for a specific cause feel free to drop us a line


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